Been working on getting the server ready for 1.10... FINALLY there with 1.10.2 YAY... In the processes we've encountered YET AGAIN hackers who took over the server. For this reason we are white listed and will stay that way until further notice... IF you want to be added, please contact me on skype, e-mail or the forums...


I have been asked in the past from players, I want to donate... Time has come to get off the computer chair n GET ER DONE! Currently working on a donation system for the server to help pay for server bills and possible updates to better the server. Even better yet possibly another server all together. Day dreaming again LOL...
You can donate from the store link on the left or the DONATION icon upper right corner with-in this website. You can also do an in-game command: /donate
Check it out... Let me know what you think...


YAY!!! Finally got us going again! Been up most of the night configuring everything...
Connect as usual with
If anyone has any connection problems contact us on the forms.

New Host company found

Currently working on setting things up at our new home. You will connect the same as you always do to the server after it's all setup.

Server down yet again on another 14th of the month

It's been 2 days now... Usually it is back up n running in less then 1 day. Like with in 6 yours or so.
I send in support tickets, never get a reply back... I keep asking to have this problem fixed and still every 14th day we go down... Hope I do not have to look for yet another server host company!

Just another day at BS :)

This is kind of funny, check it out!!!

Another Dragon fight

Check it out...


Published on Jun 23, 2015 on youtube

A few of us decided to have some fun taking out some Dragons. Check it out...

Down yet again!

9:00AM 06/14/2015

It's the 14th of the month stupid problem. Every 14th day of every month at 8am my time, the server has been going down for over 6 hours or more. This time, assuming because of Sunday and no one being at the work place, it's been over 13 hours... Hope to have it back up by tomorrow. I'm annoyed by this VERY much. What ever the problem was, he (the host owner) fixed it so last month this did not happen. But it happened again this month as you can see. It seems like some auto disconnection thing for delinquent bill payments that is buggy/messed up on his end. YES the bill is paid in full every month before the due date.


9:00AM 01/17/2015

Been doing a lot of work and still MUCH more is needed. currently working on:
- JayLegoMiner is out new Developer [Dev], he is working on plugin updates for us. - The Creative build contest is under-way and will extend the time to give others more time.
- Admin Store in the HC world.
- Thinking of changing the store in the Easy world more like the new HC Admin store.
- Changing forum colors to more match the website.
- Soon a PvP only world will be added. Might wait until we become a 1.8 server.
- Looking for NEW staff in different time zones to have more coverages.


AND to top it off... I've never been to that server before LOL... @-o
type ban Ban ID Server Address Issued By Reason Issued
local 5372747 Not advertising it hkb325 you have been banned! 2014-11-17 5:07:59 pm

Just thought it was worth showing off my FIRST ban in 2 years of playing MineCraft...


3:12PM 11/14/2014

The new server is up n running well... The domain name is working as well, connect as usual. Hope to see there there soon :)
Also I saved as many regular player files as I could recall...

About the new server

10:31am 11/12/2014

Well the new host WILL NOT add spigot to his list of mods. He says he will not support it until some legal issues are taken care of with spigot. So we will not be moving to a new host company/server until I can find one that will use Spigot. We can still use it but the "control panel" does not work properly... I'm not paying monthly for service unless everything is working properly. So I'm in search for another host company THAT DOES use spigot. If we stay with this new one, all we get is a 1.7.9 bukkit server. I do not want that either...

We're staying with the same host company for now... Unless the new place changes their mind and adds Spigot, we're not moving just yet.

Server move once again!

8:45 AM 11/09/2014

NOTE: Write down the coords to your set homes AND put all inventory items in chests every log-off before we move to a new server.

The reason for this is the server files are 100's to thousands player files taking up a lot of space. This is caused from players poppin in for 2 seconds then leaving, getting banned or simply not coming the server anymore. When we make the move, I will be deleting all player files to start fresh with what 40 to 50 some players do come here. With this in mind, when we move, your first log on will be at spawn. All staff will do their best to get you to your homes. THIS is the reason for writing your coords down for your set homes. Staff will be able to TP you there then you just reset your /sethome(s).

The same goes for all your claims. You can find all your claims by typing: /claimslist ... Write down or screenshot this information so you can re-claim what needs to be claimed.
Also, before logging off for the day, empty your inventory into chest because after deleting all player files, your inventories will be deleted when we move in the neaer future sometime next week.
I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have ANY questions please do not hesitate to ask :)

One more thang! While the new server ip address is "propagating", when that time comes, if for any reason you cannot connect to the old server with, use this
numerical IP address:
DO NOT forget to include the server port number at the end :25589. NOTE: This is NOT the new server IP address...


08:30 PM 10/22/2014

- Bub has a BIG thumbs up for all who has helped and the hard work they have given to the server. They are good MC friends and we go back a long way. Sorry for not thinking about posting any of this until now.

- HkB325 did an outstanding job at maintaining the server while I was away on vacation/holiday. Granted some things got messed up but I'm okay with it. He's is learning too. His heart was always in the right place... He was trying to make things better and succeeded in doing so. He set us up with Ranks, a store to purchase them and configured it all using a completely different Permissions system.

- ynotbmx has helped utilize the spawn castle in the easy survival world and has obtained some more voting sites. It helps to bring new players on the server. He will continue with searching for a votifier plugin (we both will) and he's learning HTML to help out with the website.

- Stillmood is learning programing and will be helping with making some plugins for us... HINT HINT: Votifier and End Reset??? hehe... Leon656 and Stillmood have helped in the past on builds. Another player worth mentioning on helping with builds was MrSteelaggron.

Thank you all for a SUPER job well done and work still in progress. I love the extra help, it gives me a little more time to do things I need/want to do :)
Even learning a new permissions system hehe... AND you can teach an old dog new tricks :)

Also at some point we will be getting another FORUMs. It may be setup simular to the last one we had. I do not like a "forum based" website. I have ALWAYS loved using frames. Hey I'm old school... I am also in the process of building a Ranks page for the website so players know what ranks have what commands and Rank extras.

TIMBER and axe change

02:17 PM 10/17/2014

- Had to change from a diamond axe to a golden axe. Too many players running around with a dia axe hitting anything in sight. Timber is an old plugin so please only put the GOLDEN AXE in your hand for chopping tree's.

Host company and UUID's

6:45 PM 08/09/2014

- I decided to give up trying to contact the old host company, Hydro Gaming, and keep with the new host company we now have. Still no word back from them. It's a shame because they gave us good service. The support was not all that great but everything else was.
- Also, we had to update to the 1.7.10, as you all know, to be ready for when 1.8 when comes out. This has to do with the new UUID support with in the game giving name changes. UUID stands for: universally unique identifier. It is the newest way to identify each player instead of using names that lots of players dislike. With out updating, a player could go offline, change their name if banned and be able to get back on the server. The UUID will not allow this to happen. With this new change comes yet again some plugins not being updated yet.


4:30 PM 7/25/2014

Now connection is back to

the old website I see is still showing up some how. I do not know why... Anyway if you are seeing this, we are on a new server for the website. please read on...

Here is the scoop... The old server we were on went down with out notice from the host company we had @ Hydro Gaming... Still as of yet no word from them. I had to find a new host company and pay for it all over again lol. Now on a new host, this new server does not use a standard ip PORT of 25565. We have a port of 25589 that you all know. Because of this, I had to move the domain name as well to a different regisrar. Before we had the domain name at one place (domain registrar) and the website POINTed from there to another place. The new host company the server is on now, the domain ( would not point specifically to the non standard port server we now have, only a DEFAULT ported server that is not owned by me, a 10 player spot vanilla server.

Now everything is moved to the new domain registrar along with the website. At the moment we do not have any forum.


8:41 PM 4/17/2014

Been making some changes so be sure to check things out. Also, last week, for you who do not know, BS has moved to a new hosting company.

Horse plugin

4:09 PM 1/15/2014

Found a simple little plugin that most of you might like. Now you can teleport your horse anywhere.
/hc - to collect a horse (while on it)
/hp - to place a horse from your list
/hl - to view your horse list in chat

server move once again!!!

9:19 AM Easter American time on 1/14/2014

- New ip to a NEW DDos protected data center. The hosting company updated the IP with so please change your connection method to the server from an "IP" number to This will never change if the IP does. They say latency (connection time/ping) will be better and faster than the first DDos protected node/IP we got moved too. Hope so...

After testing for about 30 min, there is a noticeable difference. Way less lag than before yay :)

10 year old Minecraft player faces felony charges

WOW while skimming through MC google searches look what I found!!! on Tue Nov 12 2013.

NEW server IP

BS server has now been moved with the new IP

DDos attack on server last night

2 players came in, one I banned for xray. The other got mad and threatened DDos on the server. That put the server down for over 6 hours.

With this mind, the server has to move deeper into the host company's network for protection. An added charge for this of course. Will post the new IP address as soon as I get it, the move is in progress now.


Still no word as of yet... I enabled white listing for the server. Only players added to the list can join the server. Hope this keeps the griefing and stealing down. If not, we have some very un-trusting players in our group. They will be found...

Hmmmm..... update to 1.7.2

Not sure how things are going to play out with this new update coming out... Ugggg.... I will try to save the world so no one will loose anything... Worst case, we start over to bigger and better things. Everything will be reset with exceptions of bans. I'm not sure how any plugs are going to work, we may have to start from scratch... I'll keep you posted as I find out information...


Working a page to help new comers on how to claim. It's a lot easier to direct them here than it is to explain to them. ALSO will be working on a list of command to reference from.

SPAMMER attack

We had a bit of a spam attack on the forums. Banned and disabled their accounts. For the present time, had to make ALL new accounts approved by me. Sorry in advance for any inconvenience this has caused.


To connect in MineCraft of course the standard IP address works:
But now you can connect to the same server:


YAY Wilderness world map is up and running! Finally after "wanting" to pull my hair out LOL. What precious hair he has left that is... :)


Voting page is up as you can see on the menu. I'm working on implimenting claim blocks for every site you vote for BubbasSurvival. More to come later...

1.6.4 update

The new update is out. You will need to update to get in the servers.
Click edit profile then go to version selection. The last part of that selection is: USE VERSION with a drop down list arrow to the far right. Click that and make sure you select: USE LATEST VERSION. Then click SAVE PROFILE and start the game. The game will automatically download the latest verson for you. When finished, the game will start.
MAKE NOTE of the version number at the bottom left corner. It should say version 1.6.4 Good luck and have fun, see you on the server soon :)


Server rules are up. All staff please Read and understand them. Also register with MCBans AND read their guidelines for GLOBAL banning rules, link provided on rules page


We are on FaceBook, check us out there too...


The world that started BubbasSurvial is called WILDERNESS. Later I will incorporate the domain; with the server address instead of the IP address.
it will be then sub domained to; So keep an eye out for this address when it gets changed.


Just added MPC... Check it out... It will help you with your portals to build them in the right places so they work like they are suppose too.